Dentures and Partials

DuraFlex™ partials are one of the most preferred partial products.  They are comprised of a lifelike thermoplastic material that can easily be adjusted without causing buildup on your tools like most other flexible partials.  DuraFlex™ is denser than conventional acrylic partials, so it is less likely to discolor and is more resistant to odor.  Many patients enjoy DuraFlex™ partials because they are comfortable – thin, lightweight, and flexible.  Additionally, teeth can be added at any time, making DuraFlex™ a complete denture solution.


  • Patients with acrylic allergies
  • Patients with a history of partial frame breakage
  • Patients seeking an alternative to dental implants or other fixed products
  • Presence of tori


  • Patients with poor soft tissue support
  • Patients with few remaining teeth
  • Quality of teeth will not support DuraFlex
  • Flat ridge
  • Immediate applications