Dentures and Partials

Valplast® is a flexible partial denture that blends in beautifully with natural teeth.  Valplast® is a completely metal-free device that is softer and stronger than traditional acrylic, giving your patient more comfort without sacrificing the integrity of the device. Additionally, Valplast® is thinner and more flexible than most other partial devices and won’t stain or absorb odor.

While you give your patients the beauty and comfort of a Valplast® partial, you also decrease chair time, as Valplast requires no tooth prep.


  • Patients with metal allergies
  • Presence of tori
  • Patients with a history of frame breakage


  • Need for a rigid appliance
  • Few remaining natural teeth
  • Patients with a flat ridge

Give your patients the gift of Valplast® and send us your case today.