Give your patients a restoration that has the natural esthetic of porcelain, supported by the strength of gold.  Bio2000 PFMs are proven to accumulate less plaque than competing products, are entirely palladium-free, and are completely biocompatible.

Comprised of 99.7% gold that provides a warm base beneath porcelain, Bio2000 restorations provide lifelike esthetics, with no shadows or graying of the porcelain.  Additionally, they allow for the marginal preparation of your choice and can be cast at an ultra-thin 0.2mm.

These highly durable restorations provide superior fit and exceptional esthetics.  Indulge your patients with a Bio2000 restoration.


  • Single units
  • Three-unit bridges in segments from second bicuspid to second bicuspid
  • Full porcelain coverage is required


  • Patients with known metal allergies
  • Large span bridges

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