With Captek crowns and bridges, you can offer patients a natural looking restoration with the strength and biocompatibility of high noble precious metals.  Captek achieves excellent esthetics with gold copings, providing an ideal foundation for any type of veneering, including porcelain, acrylic, or composite.

Because of their unique gold coping, Captek restorations avoid having an unsightly black or gray margin along the gumline. They also experience less gingivitis and gum recession than traditional PFMs.  Additionally, gold resists oxide formation, which allows the porcelain to maintain its original color and luster throughout the life of the restoration.

These biocompatible restorations are the perfect solution for patients concerned about their esthetics as well as their wellbeing.


  • Single units
  • Three-unit bridges
  • Bruxers


  • Cantilever pontics

Give your patients the beauty of Captek restorations today.